“The Art of the Deal" is all about landing the right deal the right way. Through role-played characters and ‘make-or-break’ fictitious scenarios, this DiF Mini teaches kids how and when to adopt particular negotiation techniques and tactics. They’ll learn the difference between joint gains and zero sum practices, how to employ a cost-benefit analysis, and how to self-advocate. This class is pretty straightforward, but it teaches the lifelong skills of critical thinking, perspective-taking, and public speaking.

6th/7th/8th Grades

  • Time and Day Options:


    • 6/21: 11am-12pm CST or 5pm-6pm CST
    • 7/12: 12pm-1pm CST or 6pm-7pm CST
    • 8/2: 1pm-2pm CST or 7pm-8pm CST