“Super Speakers'' is a great DiF Mini for any kid - whether we love public speaking or fear it. We of course start with the silly and ask ‘critical’ life questions like, “Would you rather: a) sneeze cheese, or b) have paws instead of hands?” Through rapid rounds of Q&A and hilarious presentations about silly situations (e.g. teaching the class how to climb a mountain with a broken arm), our kids end up dying laughing while learning the new articulation and expression skills we sneak in there.

1st/2nd Grade

  • Time and Day Options:

    • 6/17 & 6/18: 10am-11am CST or 3pm-4pm CST
    • 7/19 & 7/20: 11am-12pm CST or 4pm-5pm CST
    • 8/16 & 8/17: 12pm-1pm CST or 5pm-6pm CST