In this camp, kids use their voice to promote change on issues they care about. 

  • We review and teach core advocacy skills ranging from targeted messaging to particular groups to lobbying on a political level. 
  • Each kid then selects an issue that matters to them and creates an advocacy-based campaign aimed to motivate a particular audience. The campaign can take many forms (e.g. a speech, a poem, a project), and each kid will then deliver their advocacy presentation.
  • This camp builds awareness of societal issues, how to act on them, and how they can express themselves. It’s a great session to help kids realize they can make a difference in the world.

6th/7th/8th Grades

  • Time and Day Options:


    • 6/24 & 6/25: 12pm-1pm CST or 6pm-7pm CST
    • 7/5 & 7/6: 1pm-2pm CST or 7pm-8pm CST
    • 8/2 & 8/3: 10am-11am CST or 4pm-5pm CST