“Invent and Invest” is DiF’s adapted version of Shark Tank. Our kids start by developing a silly product idea like the ever popular “Floor Cleaning Slippers,” and begin creating their pitch to our Hungry Investors Tank (a.k.a. Our DiF teachers!). They have to build a product prototype, effectively argue for its features, and convince the Investors to invest in the next house-cleaning footwear! Kids love this one and have a blast with one another. Along the way they also really hone some valuable skills in public speaking, creative problem-solving, and innovation

3rd/4th/5th Grade

  • Time and Day Options:


    • 6/16, 6/17 & 6/18: 12pm-1pm CST or 6pm-7pm CST
    • 7/14, 7/15 & 7/16: 1pm-2pm CST or 7pm-8pm CST
    • 8/11, 8/12 & 8/13: 10am-11am CST or 4pm-5pm CST