At a DiF Littles Camp, we'll:


  • Play scavenger hunt games to tickle the curiosity bone and learn how to develop and research essential questions (...and we promise to make this fun with super silly search items!)
  • Take local field trips or invite experts to our camp to get firsthand perspectives on particular issues.
  • Ask provocative questions and hold friendly discussions and debates over important
    • “Do you think modern times like today are better, or do you think earlier or really old times are better?”
      • We’ll then visit Chicago’s Field Museum to research the question and meet with experts to share their views. We'll then reWhen we return to camp we’ll debate the merits of both positions.
    • Or we might visit The Chicago Sports Museum and debate whether boys and girls are treated fairly or equally in sports.


And finally, we build in ample time to blow off steam at our Park District location and simply enjoy summer with cool camp counselors and kids from all over Chi-Town.


Every day’s DiF-ferent and every day includes cool learning experiences in the great outdoors!

IN-PERSON: Summer Camp (Rising 1st Grade-3rd Grade)