A DiF Debater Tots Camp is a great way for your child to get a ton of fresh air, play with silly ideas, and learn how interesting our new friends can be.


In this half-day DiF Camp we focus on play-based learning to help build toward key developmental milestones, like self-regulation (emotional control) and interpersonal dynamics (how we get along with others). 


Nearly all of our games and activities will help us recognize different facial expressions and their accompanying emotions, but we’ll do this through silly discussions - like, "How is Stinky Badger feeling about losing his favorite toy?" Everyone will also share how we’d each feel if we lost our favorite toy. Our kiddos love this simple game, and you’ll notice how quickly empathy and perspective-taking can grow. 


We play loads of other games and activities to tackle different milestones, and we of course build in ample time for arts & crafts, snacks, play breaks, and more.


We’re holding all of our camps outdoors (see Covid Readiness Plan) at local Chicago Park District locations, and will make sure your sweetie has a blast with our caring camp counselors and other Tots from around Chi-Town.

Taste of Debate Summer Camp