In this camp, kids learn about the criminal justice system and its different roles by participating in formal mock trials. 

  • They practice looking at evidence, asking and answering tough questions, and giving opening and closing statements and arguments. 
  • Kids are assigned to Team Prosecution or Team Defense and work together to gather evidence, prepare their arguments, and ultimately win in front of the DiF Supreme Court.
  • This camp develops public speaking, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and self-confidence. 

3rd/4th/5th Grade

  • Time and Day Options:

    • 6/21 6/22 & 6/23: 10am-11am CST or 4pm-5pm CST
    • 7/28 7/29 & 7/30: 11am-12pm CST or 5pm-6pm CST
    • 8/25 8/26 & 8/27: 12pm-1pm CST or 6pm-7pm CST