This class explores our fellow species in the natural world and challenges our thinking, listening and speaking skills.

  • Kids compare and contrast the strengths of different animals and decide who is truly the king/queen of the jungle. Comparative conversation fosters critical thinking skills, like categorizing differences.
  • We learn to apply ethical thinking and perspective-taking by discussing what might make an animal sad and how we can help.


    • 6/29: 10-10:45am CST or 5-5:45pm CST
    • 7/19: 1-1:45pm CST or 7-7:45pm CST
    • 8/16: 11-11:45am CST or 4-4:45pm CST
  • The Debate It Forward Big 3 Skills focus on developing and improving our Listening, Thinking, and Speaking skills by building the following micro-skills into our curriculum. They include the following focal points:

    • LISTENING: Active Listening, Perspective Taking, Empathy, and Cooperation
    • THINKING: Creative Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Problem-Solving
    • SPEAKING: Confidence, Story-Telling, Public Speaking