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Thank You for Supporting Debate it Forward!!!

Here are just a few ways you can help:

$100 - covers the scholarship cost for one student in our virtual classes

$500 - funds an entire virtual classroom in a low-income school for one semester

$1,000 - supports an entire virtual classroom in a low-income school for one year 

$5,000 - covers 15 student scholarships for an entire summer camp session 

$10,000 - funds all virtual programming at a low-income school for an entire year

Thank you for supporting our work at Debate it Forward! We have loads of ways to connect your resources and make a DiF-ference, especially if  you want to support children and schools in low-income communities. 

Your donations can also help us:

  • Provide more scholarships to children, families, and schools short on resources,

  • Develop our social-emotional learning curriculum, 

  • Hire college teachers and interns to support our work,

  • Create new curricula to enhance civil discourse, social justice, and how kids better think, speak, and listen … and much more!

Please let us know if you have ideas you’d like to discuss by emailing josh.aaronson@debateitforward.org. He can also help you if you’d like to give by check or other means. Most importantly, thank you in advance for investing in Debate it Forward!