Debater Tots

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

In this class, we’ll focus on our Big 3 Skills (Listening, Thinking, Speaking) by playing fun games that get kiddos up and moving. Your child will work on active listening through games like “Repeat After Me” and their thinking skills by becoming Super Secret Detectives! We’ll emphasize speaking loud and proud, giving reasons for our opinions, and listening to how our friends can have different beliefs.


Each class includes 4-6  students and tons of wiggle breaks.

30 minute

Class Duration

Once per week


4 to 6

Friends per Class

Course Information

Learning Goals

The Debate It Forward Big 3 Skills focus on developing and improving our Listening, Thinking, and Speaking skills by building the following micro-skills into our curriculum. They include the following focal points: LISTENING: Active Listening, Perspective Taking, Empathy, and Cooperation THINKING: Creative Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Problem-Solving SPEAKING: Confidence, Story-Telling, Public Speaking

Course Details

Our Debater Tots are our youngest kiddos in the DIF family. The class is geared towards kids in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten (aged 4-5) and is capped at 6 students/group. This quarter, we’ll focus on active listening, perspective-taking, and ethical thinking. Using a play-based teaching model, kids will learn to identify others’ feelings and ideas, actively listen to what people say, and distinguish good choices from bad choices (stepping on Mr. Whisker’s tail just because he drank your milk is a bad choice!). We incorporate tons of physical movement (wiggle breaks), friend-making, silly voices, and other ways we’ve learned to fight Zoom fatigue and keep our littlest debaters playing, making friends, and learning.

Example Activity

Silly Stories—a tots favorite—helps our tots practice their speaking skills and story-telling skills. We’ll give them a silly sentence starter, like “Once upon a time there was a dragon named Macaroni…” or “There was once a little boy who ate paper for breakfast lunch and diner…” and the Tots will take turns finishing the story. There are tons of giggles, improved eye contact, and “loud and proud” speaking!


Schedule Options

Schedule Options


From April 12 to June 18

Price: $200

5:00 to 5:30 p.m. CDT

Schedule Options


From April 12 to June 18

Price: $200

4:00 to 4:30 p.m. CDT

If Pricing is a Concern...

Here are two ways to meet you where you are!

The DiF-Ferral Program

You tell a friend about DIF, and let them know you’ll both get a discount if they sign up. When they insert your name on our registration form, we’ll issue you both a discount. And the more people that reference you, the more you save:

  • Refer 1-3 Friends - You'll get a 50% discount and your referrals will each receive a 20% discount.

  • Refer 4+ Friends - You'll get a 100% (full) discount and your referrals will each receive a 20% discount.

Flexible Pricing

Our Flexible Pricing program allows parents who have difficulty paying full price to pay what they can. This Deposit option allows you to make a small down payment to secure your child’s spot in your selected DiF program. We’ll then follow up with you to discuss your need, validate it, and then work out what you’re able to pay. 

Schedule Options


From April 12 to June 18

Price: $200

3:00 to 3:30 p.m. CDT

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