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Welcome to DiF’s Summer Classes! Each course features one to three sessions all focused on building critical skills while having fun, playing silly games, and learning about the world around us.

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A DiF Summer Camp is a great way for your child to get a ton of fresh air, debate provocative topics, and meet with interesting people from all walks of life. We merge play-based learning with experiential learning, and give ample time for creative downtime. Each one week camp centers on a key theme, but we’ll build skills in all areas of our Think.Speak.Listen framework.   We play scavenger hunt games in all of our camps to tickle the curiosity bone and learn how to develop and research essential questions. (We of course make the search items super goofy and engage the kids in our game design!) 


We’ll also either take local field trips (see our Covid Readiness plan) or invite experts to our camp locations to get firsthand perspectives on particular issues. We might, for example, ask kids to answer and discuss: 


“Do drones infringe upon privacy rights?” We’ll invite both a drone instructor and legal expert to meet with our campers and discuss their views (...and yes...we’ll all get a turn at flying the drone!). In our afternoon session, we’ll then debate the topic in teams of two and with individual mini-debates. On another day we’ll debate juvenile justice and will visit the Daley Center Courthouse to witness a live trial and then debrief the proceedings with the judge. She’ll share her perspectives and what she’s encountered in the lives of young people. Our afternoon debate is sure to provoke the passions and intellect.


And finally, we build in ample time to blow off steam at our Park District location and simply enjoy summer with cool camp counselors and kids from all over Chi-Town. While every camp day is DiF-ferent, one thing is consistent - your child will really enjoy this inclusive learning environment.


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