Teaching kids to better listen, think, and speak through debate-based games.

Debate it Forward

Debate it Forward's 2nd Annual
Kid Presidential Debate

Thursday, May 5th 2022 at 6:00 PM CST

Join Debate it Forward for our 2nd Annual Kid Presidential Debate, moderated by special guest David Axelrod. Hear what Debate it Forward has been up to, watch our students share their platform, and find out what's to come!

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So...What is This Anyway?

Debate it Forward makes learning fun (even remote learning!)  by bringing small groups of kids together to play debate-based games. 

Led by enthusiastic college students (think cool camp counselors), your child will meet new friends, test new ideas, and learn how to share thoughts in a challenging, yet safe and positive, atmosphere.


...And Why Does it Matter?

Parents and kids are tired of remote everything, so focusing on fun really matters right now. But if it has to be screen time, you want more than video games and social media…right? 

We understand. That’s why we employ ‘Engaged Learning’ strategies to activate your child’s curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. And this matters, because debate teaches lifelong skills your kiddo will need in school and life.

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During the 2020 Election, Senator Amy Klobuchar moderated our Kids Presidential Debate. Check out our news coverage or the YouTube event!

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