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Teaching kids to better listen, think, and speak through debate-based games.

So...What is This Anyway?

Debate it Forward makes learning fun (even remote learning!)  by bringing small groups of kids together to play debate-based games. 

Led by enthusiastic college students (think cool camp counselors), your child will meet new friends, test new ideas, and learn how to share thoughts in a challenging, yet safe and positive, atmosphere.

...And Why Does it Matter?

Parents and kids are tired of remote everything, so focusing on fun really matters right now. But if it has to be screen time, you want more than video games and social media…right? 

We understand. That’s why we employ ‘Engaged Learning’ strategies to activate your child’s curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. And this matters, because debate teaches lifelong skills your kiddo will need in school and life.

Classes, Schedules, and Pricing

Here are the deets! Find course descriptions and curriculum tailored to your child’s age and our complete list of pricing and schedules. You can register your kid for classes on these pages. 

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Debator Tots

Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Macaroni…”


Your kiddo will use their strong imagination to finish telling us this silly story and play more skills-building games...

Grades 1 & 2


“If you could make one rule for the world to follow, what would it be and why?”


Your child will go head-to-head to justify the best rule and be named Ultimate Ruler of the Universe! Develop creativity and thinking skills...

Grades 3 to 5


"Apples do not grow on trees,” and “Clocks don’t tell time.”


Your child will use creative argumentation skills to justify silly premises. It's easy to argue something true, but much harder to argue something false!

Grades 6 to 8


"If you were a congressperson, what would you prioritize as your most important issue?


Your middle schooler will tackle real issues by debating between competing bills, testing their problem-solving skills, and feeling a sense of responsibility for their community.

Grades 9 to 10

Grand Biggles

"In a freedom of speech lawsuit, who has the right to censor what we say?


Your high-schooler will need to weigh competing values (e.g. privacy, freedom of speech, tolerance) as they solve a civil case, defend their positions, and ultimately try to win over the jury.

Private Learning

Any Age

Want us to customize something for your child or small group? 

We offer one-on-tutoring or small group instruction for your learning pod, homeschooler, or just a group of friends that want to try something new…


"Adam’s elementary class is pretty large, so he doesn’t talk much on Zoom. But in DiF’s small classes, I hear him laughing and chattering away! 

It really helps me concentrate on my work when I know he’s okay."

— Debator Tots Parent

During the 2020 Election, Senator Amy Klobuchar moderated our Kids Presidential Debate. Check out our news coverage or the YouTube event!

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